The Trek: Warriors Live On will conduct adventure healing with a small community of Veterans through trekking the Pacific Crest Trail.  The WLO Team Leads have trekked Big Bear Lake to Lake Arrowhead to make plans and ensure safety on the trail.  More importantly, WLO feels it imperative for Veterans to get in touch with the natural rhythm of Nature.  Many Vets find peace in the natural flow of things that are wild.  The object is to get the Veteran’s “nature” back to “Nature.”  This journey helps to get Combat Veterans   from Iraq and Afghanistan in the very easy flowing healing that the outdoors has to offer.  Being out on the trail allows for us all to get in touch with our deepest sense of self.  This is something that many Veterans have lost along the way and fear taking a deeper look into.  Getting to know the self again can be very unnerving, especially when dealing with symptoms of PTSD.

Nature offers a sense of clarity and rejuvenation that only this natural environment can offer.  This adventure setting provides therapeutic and behavioral-changing outcomes. Through intentional, strength-based, non-judgmental, directed group activities that include interaction, self exploration, teamwork, trust-building and mutual respect, participants build a sense of safety, community, self-efficacy, and understanding of personal strengths and behaviors.

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