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Warriors Live On is an organization dedicated to helping veterans heal from PTSD and teaching them to heal others. Warriors that want to move past just coping with post-traumatic stress can continue healing and commit to helping other veterans do the same. Winning this scholarship requires an initial attitude of wanting to learn. Then, through ongoing work under the guidance of mentors, warriors will be expected to become leaders themselves. Warriors Live On knows we all have the potential to become this kind of leader. Winners of the scholarship will have an undying hope for permanent healing, and they will help others to heal for good in the future. Winning this scholarship is not only an individual venture—with it comes the expectation that winners will continue to mentor other veterans for years to come.

If you feel like joining a community of healers and helping others, then apply now. Your suffering is not to be lost or forgotten, but rather used as personal strength to help support the potential in others. You served your country honorably, and now it’s time to serve each other so we can live on as the warriors we know we are. Warriors Live On hopes to join you in this adventure with full heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Award Components

So what is this all about and what do you win if awarded the scholarship?

You will acquire an amount of money that will put you through a training course, regimen, or program of your choice that both continues your healing and teaches you how to help others do the same.

An example would be Warriors Live On awarding you an allotted amount of money to attend Yoga Teacher Training. For several months, you would attend your training in your home area and upon completion would reunite with WLO. Your newfound skills and healing would be shared with WLO and the group of vets entering the next round of programs with Warriors Live On.

See C2C Programs web page for sample trainingsAward Impact

The mission of Warriors Live On is to provide educational and life-changing experiences for combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (OIF and OEF) who are battling through the symptoms of PTSD and who are motivated to learn to Live On. It’s not about forgetting what happened to you, but rather taking the negative and transforming it to something that positively shapes the way you step forward in life. The supportive and healing environment of Warriors Live On provides warriors with therapeutic adventure activities, whole body-mind-spirit healing, and therapy. It also provides life-skill-enhancing educational experiences in an interactive, interdependent, and sustainable working community.

Being able to use the pain and suffering in a way that is positive can change your life forever. Being able to acknowledge what we can do as vets with all the hurt and anguish we experienced is mind blowing and can change the course of your life path. The impact you will have by working on your healing and inner growth, being involved in a community, and being held accountable to that community is essential. Becoming an expert and giving back to those that are hurting like you is a huge component of healing. Winning this scholarship will challenge you to face your fears and painful inner workings, but WLO promises to be with you for each step, in brotherhood, sisterhood, and as a community.

So what is the impact of the award?

Saving lives of brothers and sisters in our Armed Forces. Not on the battlefield, but right here at home.

Criteria for Eligibility of Veterans

  • Must be combat veteran of Iraq (OIF) or Afghanistan (OEF) wars
  • Must be motivated and wanting to help veterans like yourself
  • Must be able to contribute to excursions and continuous contact with your future mentees
  • Must be willing to attend fundraising events on occasion

Application Process for OIF and OEF Veterans

1. First, you must apply online by completing online form below.

2. Provide DD 214—upload online form below.

3. Optional: Complete a two-minute video of why you want to be a part of Warriors Live On, your motivation and commitment to serving others in the community, and a brief synopsis of your fight with trauma from combat—upload link in application below.

Once 1–3 are complete and submitted, if you are chosen for the second round of applications, a WLO team member will contact you to do the following:

Fill out initial PTSD assessment and attach short letter from current therapist summarizing how this program would be well suited for you.

1. Submit TWO letters of recommendation from trusted individuals who know you well.

2. Conduct a Skype interview with the executive director, Eva Belanger, and team.

Requirements for Veterans Upon Winning Scholarship 


1-2 days of Mentee/Mentor training. You are starting a new journey to self awareness.  On the Trek you will gravitate to one of our mentors.  This will be the person you check in with throughout the duration of the program.


Four days. Warriors take part in signature program that Warriors Live On will schedule; it will be experiential and relationship-building in nature, such as the trek.


On last day. Closing ceremonies. Vets depart to Live On and receive the holistic training they were awarded through chosen scholarship. WLO Team and possibly board members will meet at close of Trek. Vets begin self-healing journeys acquiring knowledge to bring back to WLO in 4–6 months and share with the next round of Combat Veterans.


Ongoing contact will be maintained over 4–6 month period, mentor to mentee.

Graduates pursue their training. Vets work to become experts in alternative, holistic therapies of their choice with the intention and expectation of returning to WLO to teach and mentor subsequent WLO participants.


Graduates will become mentors to the next class of warriors and attend the next Trek with Vets.  They will also have the opportunity to work with WLO in different capacities.

To Download a PDF scholarship application, click the link below. You can use this PDF to prepare answers for the online application or mail in the application as instructed. To apply online, begin the process on the bottom of this page. Once each question is complete and you click submit, that answer is saved and can not be changed. At any time, you may log-out and log back in, return to the scholarship page and continue your application.

The online Scholarship Application saves automatically with each answer. If you get re-directed to a different page, you may login and come back to the scholarship page to continue your application.

WLO Scholarship Application  Download WLO Scholarship Application