Pacific Crest Trail Donations

Pacific Crest Trail DonationsWarriors Live On (501c3) is taking Combat Veterans out on the Pacific Crest Trail for four days and four nights, 40 miles.  Adventure 16,  an adventure store here in San Diego, has sponsored us with backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and tents.  Ultimately grateful!

WLO is a grassroots non profit organization that works to help combat veterans heal from PTSD one step at a time in a holistic and wholesome way.  We teach a new lifestyle and way of being in the world.  We are teaching humans how to be human again.

Our Pacific Crest Trail Donations we are still in need of some items to be donated to our Trek for our Veterans (about 12 folks).

Trekking Gear or Equipment Items:  

Light weight cups/eating cups

Utensils such as Spork

Merino Wool Socks

Lip Protection, Chapstick


Hand sanitizer

Baby Wipes

Moleskin or Foot care kits


Platypus Water bottles or Bladders

Anything that could be of value on a 4 day backpacking trip

Lightweight Food and Snack Items:  

Granola bars,

Trail mix,


electrolytes for hydration,

Freeze Dried Food

If we could collect this stuff for Pacific Crest Trail Donations it would be awesome!  Please contact Eva Belanger, Executive Director, or Vanessa Stahley, WLO Trek Team Leader at, or call directly at 505-918-2127.  Any donations are tax deductible and can be written off.  A receipt can be provided for your documents.  Thank you!

From all of us- The Warriors Live On Team, Taking Combat Veterans from Combat to Community.