Warriors Live On conducts programs in partnership with various community groups, individuals and organizations dedicated to working together in a cooperative way to help heal veterans coping with trauma and PTSD. A sustainable working homestead will allow us to provide on-site experiential teaching of life-enhancing skills. Programs will be conducted at partnering sites until such a site is developed.

Warriors Live On has successfully acquired a place to practice therapeutic modalities such as yoga, acupuncture, cranial facial, Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence, and much more.  This location is also 2 blocks away from the beautiful Wind and Sea oceanside.  http://www.san-diego-beaches-and-adventures.com/windansea-beach.html

Through our partnership with Eight Elements West Holistic Wellness Center in La Jolla, California (http://www.eightelementswest.com) we are able to deliver a multitude of experiences that help the Combat Veteran heal from the consequences of War.

Warriors Live On believes in the holistic nature of healing from trauma. We believe in practices that integrate body, mind and spirit. We believe that beyond the common medical practices that address the acute mental health symptoms of battlefield trauma, warriors need the ongoing support of an understanding community. This helps them battle through their symptoms and learn to Warriors Live On again in a more integrated and intentional way. We utilize strength-based teaching methods and adventure-based group therapy methodologies to build self-efficacy, coping skills, relationship-building opportunities and healthy living skills. Much of the work we do is focused on integrating the mind and body through experiential education-based activity, yoga, and outdoor experiences in nature. Eventually, spiritual connections are made, as warriors living beyond trauma turn to deeper inspiration with Warriors Live On. We are not a religion-based organization, but many of our programs are spiritual.

“More fundamental than religion is our basic human spirituality. We have a basic human disposition towards love, kindness and affection, irrespective of whether we have a religious framework or not. When we nurture this most basic human resource—when we set about cultivating those basic inner values which we all appreciate in others, then we start to live spiritually.” —Dalai Lama

It is the goal of Warriors Live On to provide healing and educational programs that nurture these most basic human resources in settings that are healing in nature, eco-friendly, community-building, and life-changing. In essence, we create cooperative living experiences wherein combat veterans learn from each other, heal with each other and empower each other to Live On.