Our mentor program is a cornerstone to our organization. Too many veterans feel they are alone in this fight after combat. We, as veterans, need to connect and become the team that we have always been. Regardless of being in the military or out, maintaining the bonds of camaraderie and fellowship strengthens us to continue pressing forward. We need each other now as much as we needed each other then.

At Warriors Live On, it is important that we build a supportive community for all of our Combat to Community (C2C) program members and alumni. That means we connect each scholarship recipient with a mentor, and we encourage engagement in the Warriors Live On community long after the six-month C2C training program. This engagement involves warriors giving back to their peers through our WLO Mentor Program.

Once our scholarship recipients graduate from the Combat to Community program, each individual will undergo mentor training. Once trained for mentorship, alumni mentors will partner with two to three new C2C scholarship recipients for a minimum of two years, providing weekly check-ins and talk time that ensures that new members are getting the most out of their experience with Warriors Live On.

Through our programming and mentors, we work to develop our vets into leaders who are able to balance their jobs, family and social lives as well as develop financial independence and confidence to merge into the civilian world.

For the first class in 2013, WLO’s founder Eva M. Belanger and other qualified board members will personally mentor each Combat to Community scholarship recipient.