Letter From the Founder

Eva M. Belanger

WLO Founder, Eva M. Belanger


Warriors Live On envisions veterans realizing their body’s fullest potential to sustainably and authentically recover and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually from any suffering experienced in combat or as a result of military sexual trauma. It is our job as a community to welcome, usher and nurture our veterans back to health after all the sacrifices made in service to our country. As a combat veteran and licensed mental health therapist, I know there is vibrant life, love and freedom after war and we do not communicate this openly to our veterans enough. In many ways we have fallen short as a community and have failed in providing therapies that work. I also believe that many are unsure if combat trauma can be healed because of those shortcomings. I know different and so do all of us at Warriors Live On. Through a combination of modalities stemming from eastern medicine, WLO offers integrative wellness care to our veterans that has lasting potential for sustained positive change. Trauma sustained in combat or through military sexual trauma does not have to be a reoccurring cycle of pain and suffering. I have witnessed the suffering and know trauma to a human being can be healthily processed in a such a profound way that the body notices the difference and gravitates to releasing it more readily. Significant recoveries to live happy and fruitful lives have been made and will continue to be through the programs we offer.

It is my heartfelt desire to create a space where veterans have the feeling of community and safety; a tribe of which they know they belong to. We must know our environments, to include our tribe of trusted people; those we know have our backs. This tribe is needed in order for each person to let go of what is no longer needed or of what no longer serves us. Regardless of our military training, gender, religion, culture, sexuality, orientation, and overall upbringing, we are all human beings. Our bodies function the same and have a way of dealing with traumatic responses and energies. The necessary body response that results from a traumatic incident or series of them is often hindered or held tight in the body. Through our integrative healing modalities of care we can help usher this trapped energy out of the body in a way that builds the capacity in the veteran and fortifies the system overall.

-We can have a memory without the body responding in a negative way.
-We do not need to expose our Veterans to their trauma stories in order for healing to occur
-People can heal and regain full connection of being through their body-mind connection.

The modalities of care that Warriors Live On uses incorporates a series of very effective therapies that address unwanted symptoms held in the heart, mind, body and soul. It is my belief and that of our practitioners at Warriors Live On that the whole person must be addressed and all around care must be offered for a period of 6 months to 2 years.

At WLO we are working to heal the nervous system within the body that directs health overall. We are currently conducting research to measure how effective we are at attaining these goals and are seeing great success! The focus of healing trauma in the body and recalibrating the body’s nervous system patterns is at the root of what needs attention. This is where change for the better sticks!

In forming Warriors Live On, my personal desire was to get the best care to Veterans in a way that addressed the whole person and not just one aspect of the person. I wanted our work to effectively and positively change the course of veterans lives for life; no matter how much money, or time it took.

We know that re-establishing the tribe and knowing where you belong is a true factor in veterans care. Relationships formed here are meant to be sustained, nurtured and remembered always. We are lifted out of the painful depths by the help of our brothers and sisters; pulled to safety by the hands of others. We cannot do this alone, nor should we.

You are welcome here and we are honored to help you regain life, love and freedom of spirit; to help you come back to life after war.

Please honor us with your trust in helping you get to a better space.
Better is simply better.


Eva M. Belanger, M.A., LMFT, SEP
Air Force Combat Veteran
Founder and Executive Director
Warriors Live On