Humility and Gratitude: Thoughts and Images from the May 25- 28 2018 Nature Trek

From May 25 to May 28 combat veterans with Warriors Live On went on a five day nature trek in the mountains of Southern California. These nature excursions are an important part of WLO’s integrative approach to overcoming trauma and offer some of the most powerful and healing moments experienced by all involved. Below are…


Bringing Heart to Life

Years ago Bob Speck and Eva Belanger founded Warriors Live On, together.  Bob’s wife Jo was also a part of this beautiful beginning.  Bob has recently written a beautiful blog post ” Bringing Heart to Life” that includes a picture of WLO on a nature hike. It brings back great memories and touches on the…


WLO and SF Marathon

                        On July 27th, 2014, over 24 runners took their marks in San Francisco to raise money for combat Veterans suffering from PTSD, and to raise awareness to the plight of the combat veteran. Warriors Live On (WLO) runners came from all over the…