WLO in the La Jolla Light

WLO in the La Jolla Light!

We’re excited to see an article on Warriors Live On in the La Jolla Light. It really helps to make the public aware of the problems many Veterans are facing and the work that we are doing to overcome them. You can read the WLO article in the La Jolla Light here: http://www.lajollalight.com/news/sd-cm-ljl-ptsd-20171206-story.html  

Sleep Rules and Routine

We Like Routine It is highly recommended that you get on a regular program when it comes to getting ready for bed. Getting ready for bed has to become a habit. Conducting the same actions every night, seven days a week helps us to get tired or feel awake at regular times of the day.…


Veterans and Sleep Disorders

Veterans and Sleep Disorders – Acceptance and Not Judgement Veteran to Veteran Here is a candid message from one Combat Veteran to another about Veterans and sleep disorders. I only hope it helps you out a bit, if not all together. Please accept my “advice” as a fellow Veteran. I also hope you will accept my…